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Haunted Maryland

Posted on May 26, 2014 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Anne Arundel County:

The Haunted Road

There is a road located in Crownsville where three spirits roam this road: two young girls and murderer.


Many witnesses say they've heard and seen various apparitions.

Baltimore County:

Druid Ridge Cemetery

The former home of the infamous Black Aggie, an old statue that had red glowing eyes, and has freaked out numerous people. They reportedly have found dead people in front of the statue. The statue resided in the basement of the Smithsonian Museum for years.

Ft. Garrison

A fort built in 1693 and used during revolutionary days where 3 resident ghosts remain.

Soldier's Delight

Also known as Gravity Hill. Battle site in the late 1600's and in the Civil War. If you sit your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill there, the ghosts will push your car up the hill thinking it was one of their cannons. Although, the car phenomena was scientific disproven, there are still reports of shadows and footsteps.

Robert E. Lee Park

Numerous witness accounts have seen apparitions late at night.

The Hampton Mansion

This historic mansion was previously owned by the Ridgely family. Different members of the family haunt this mansion. A falling chandelier can be heard crashing to the floor, only to be found still in place. Supposedly this meant that someone in the family was about to die. A book has been written about this mansion located in Towson. The National Park Service insists that it is not haunted.

Ft Howard

The barracks here are supposed to be haunted by numerous ghosts.

Todd's Inheritance

Apparitions of a man and a woman frequent this haunted house. This house was built over 200 years ago, and has a lot of history behind it. Currently its being renovated.

Baltimore City:

Club Charles/Zodiac

1724 1726 N. Charles St. is the site of numerous paranormal activity at this Restaurant/Bar. Some reported activity includes: footsteps, shadows, a small white dog and bottles moving.


Edgar Allen Poe's Grave

Speaks for itself. He still gets a rose and a bottle of cognac for his birthday, and no ones knows is sure gets there.


Edgar Allen Poe's House

203 N. Amity St Open 12-3 daily for tours. Many apparitions and noises have been heard/seen here, particularly the apparition of a woman.


Fell's Point

Fell's Point dates back a few hundred years. People have supposedly seen soldiers from the revolutionary war walking around and then just disappearing.


Locust Point

A woman who died in a rocking chair with both her children in her arms, during the 1800's, now haunts this area.


USF Constellation

Located on Pier 1, this is probably Baltimore's most known haunting. Capt. Thomas Truxtum ordered Sailor Neal Harvey to be strapped to a gun while it was being shot. This killed Harvey, and now both he and the Capt. haunt the original ship. The ship that is now in Baltimore was built in 1853,and is not the original, it is believed to be haunted by a friend Sailor who tends to give tours to visitors!


Calvert County:

Cedar Hill

TV's and lights turn on and off, tapping on your shoulder and doors can be heard slamming here.

Caroline County:

Patty Cannon's House

Patty Cannon, a known kidnapper/murderer of freed slaves haunts her former house. Some creepy things supposedly happen up in her "torture" room upstairs. Footsteps are also heard.


Carroll County:

Historic Westminster

The whole city is supposed to be haunted.


Opera house and Cockey's Tavern on Main St

Both have roaming spirits that many witnesses have talked about. Go ahead and visit, they like to discuss it with you.


Cecil County:

Old Tavern & Farmhouse

250+ acre farm and tavern was burned down in the 1960's. While attempting to fix the farmhouse, workers noticed noises and footsteps and have seen the image of a hand in the stairwell.


Charles County:

The Mudd Farmhouse

After Dr. Mudd was presidentially pardoned for his suspected role in the death of President Lincoln, he returned back to his farmhouse only to live a life he could never rebuild. Knocks at the door, footsteps, and an apparition have all been witnessed here.


Dorchester County:

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

A mule, who used to reside here when living, can be seen with green eyes. Supposedly once this ghost has appeared, some sort of "disaster" will occur within 3 days.


Frederick County:

Mount St. Mary's College

A confederate soldier and a former School President have been seen walking the campus. There's also supposedly a room in the college that no item can stay in a certain corner.


Frederick Historical Society

A woman in a long dress has been seen in this building. Old trunks reportedly have moved on their own.


Harford County:

Rocks State Park

There have been many reported spirits seen in the area late at night while driving through the park.



Joppa's Old Wooden Bridge

On Jericho Rd in Joppa, there was an etched burning of a little girl on the base of the bridge, up until a few years ago. It is said that slaves used to be hung from the rafters.


Abandoned House

Located near the Harford County line, is an old run down house. Not much is known about this house, but it is definitely haunted.


Howard County:


Hell House (Old St Mary's College)

An old all girls school that has been abandoned. People from the area that have been able to go there have seen and heard many spirits while visiting. There is no way of getting into the college without permission.


Seven Hills

Seven hills in a row located on College Road, supposedly if you hit the seventh hill right at midnight something amazing is supposed to happen.


Judge's Bench Pub

This pub is haunted by 'Mary' a young girl who hung herself on the 3rd floor.


The Oaklawn Cooking Ghost

Part of the Howard County Courthouse is haunted by a ghost that enjoys tormenting workers with the smell of bacon, eggs, and fresh coffee in the morning. Numerous lawyers have been in the building late and have heard footsteps from the upstairs.


Lilburn Mansion

Built in the mid 1850's, this mansion has had its fair share of hauntings. A child crying, cigar smoke, and footsteps in the tower have all been witnessed here. We've spoken to the current owner, and although she believes in ghosts, has never witnessed any paranormal activity.


Kent County:

White House Farm

Footsteps, doors closing, and a woman has seen in a nightgown.


The Restaurant Ghost

There's a small restaurant in Kent Co. that is haunted by a young man. Supposedly he was killed in the upstairs and occasionally talks to customers.


Montgomery County:

Annington Manor

An Oregon Senator and a group of soldiers supposedly haunt the battleground here. There is also a cemetery on the premises.


Harker Prep School

Footsteps upstairs, and a dark figure has been seen walking around.


Prince George's County:

Mt. Airy Plantation

A number of different women have been reported to haunt this site.


Montpelier Mansion

Jefferson, Washington, Adams are among those that supposedly haunt this mansion.


Dueling Grounds in Bladensburg

More than 50 duels have been held here. Many dark shadows have been seen roaming the grounds.


Mary Surratt's House/Tavern

Mary's been seen in different areas of the house. Voices can be heard come from the rear of the house and a girl supposedly has been seen straightening beds there.


St. Mary's County:


Pt Lookout State Park

Various apparitions have been seen at this former Civil War prison. Even the park rangers admit that it is haunted.


Talbot Co.

Gross Coate

A woman is seen floating from the upstairs going towards the front door to unlock it. The house is over 200 years old. The woman is supposedly Molly Tilghman.


Washington County:

Bloody Run

Located on the Antietam Battlefield. Creek ran red with blood during the war, due to the enormous amount of deaths. Today it is dried up.


Gapland State Park

On the Washington and Frederick County line. Spirits have been reported around the monument.


Wicomico County:

Hebron Ghost

On a certain road before it was paved, a yellow ball of light used to follow cars while they were driving. Supposedly after the road was paved, this "haunting" apparently has calmed down and isn't as frequent.



A Vision of the Afterlife

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Do we go to heaven? 

Do we merely stop existing? 

What happens? 

First, we need to think in terms of energy. Our souls are like balls of energy that contain our essence or everything that makes us who we are. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but rather it just is. There is what we call the spiritual plane, which isn't a new place but rather a dimension that is unseen by people in the physical plane. We still exist, but we exist without being seen by those who are in the physical plane. Sometimes, glitches occur as with most hardware where some can temporarily cross-over: sometimes people from the physical plane can cross over to the spiritual plane temporarily and sometimes energies from the spiritual plane can cross over to the physical plane temporarily. Also, some people can temporarily see energies from the spiritual plane. Glitches happen. You call them miracles and I call them glitches in the matrix. 

As far as heaven is concerned, I personally do not believe in heaven, which means I don't believe in the opposite, hell. I do believe in demons, but I don't believe that they are confined in a place called hell. They exist with energies in the spiritual plane. If you've ever seen the movie "Insidious", it's a lot like that. I guess sometimes movies get it just right. 

Ouija Boards and the Ideomotor Effect

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The ideomotor effect is a phenemenon whereby the user of the ouija board moves the planchette involuntarily. In other words, some people move the planchette without being aware that they themselves are the ones who are moving it, not a supernatural entity. 

Reading about the ideomotor effect reminded me of when I used a ouija board with friends. Of course, I didn't know the dangers associated with the board when I was a kid, but I digress. Using the ouija board, I wanted something supernatural to happen so badly that I involuntarily moved the planchette causing myself and the other person to believe that some supernatural entity was attempting to communicate with us. 

Did I observe anything paranormal from it? No. However, you'll remember from some of my previous posts that I mentioned how getting involved in the occult can open doors. 

To understand ouija, we need to dive into some history. The first use of ouija as a writing tool was dated around 1100 AD in China. This method of writing was known as "fuji" or "planchette writing." It was a means of contacting the dead via rituals until it was forbidden by the Qing Dynasty. During the 19th Century planchettes were sold with an alphabet board as novelty items. These items were pattented by Elija Bond and Charles Kennard. An employee of Kennard named William Fuld took over production of the boards and used the term "ouija" in association with the boards. Fuld claimed that he learned the word "ouija" from using the board, which he believed meant "good luck." The word and the board became popularized under Fuld. After Fuld's death, the patents as well as his estate were given to Parker Brothers. In 1991, Parker Brothers was sold to Hasbro, and they continue to hold the trademarkers and patents. Religious criticism about the boards came from fundemental christians who believed that the boards gave information that only God should know. They were burned along with books that they believed were associated with witchcraft in Alamogordo, New Mexico. 

Do ouija boards really work? For me, it didn't but it may have opened doors that shouldn't have been opened. 

Bloody Mary: More Than An Optical Illusion?

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Mary is said to be a witch that was executed centuries ago for practicing the dark arts or a woman who had her face mutilated in a car crash. Many confuse Mary with Elizabeth Bathory who bathed in the blood of virgin girls to stay young and beautiful.

Elizabeth Bathory is not Mary the mirror witch. 

So, how did the mirror witch game come about? It actually started centuries ago when unmarried girls believed that mirrors possessed divine powers. They believed that by chanting rhymes in the mirror, they would see their future husbands. In reality, what they would see is an optical illusion where the brain tricks your eyes into seeing something that's not really there. 

What happened was the ritual evolved into something of an urban legend where people believed that chanting bloody mary's name multiple times in the mirror would summon her. Urban legend would tell you that once summoned, she would steal your soul and bring you into her world where she would torture you. I forgot to add that the lights need to be off while chanting her name. It turns out that darkness can cause people to see optical illusions. In other words, Bloody Mary does not exist, the urban legend is garbage and optical illusions are trippy. 

Do Not Travel Down That Road: The Occult

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I admit that when I was a kid, I became curious about the occult.

That was a mistake. It opened doors that weren't meant to be open. Some doors need to be remain closed. 

I hung out with a crowd that thought it was hip to be goth. They would talk about topics related to the occult. I admit, I became interested in what it entailed. To my horror, I came across spells and witchcraft to which I attribute my sleep paralysis. 

It gave demons a way to me. They became interested in me just because I was interested in them. They say once you stare into the abyss, it looks back at you. 

Trust me when I say do not travel down that road. You won't like what you see. 

To all you paranormal researchers, stay away from the occult. The internet can be scary place since anyone can be a publisher, and there are some truly messed up people out there. 

Keep the door closed. Better yet, just don't get near it.